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How can you find the best and cheapest car insurance for yourself and your family? In almost any town or city, dozens of insurers eagerly compete for business. Each one sets their own prices and offers different discounts that might benefit some drivers more than others. If you have multiple drivers and more than one vehicle to insure, it might seem impossible to sort this all out on your own.

Lots of vehicle owners simply stick with their old company because they assume that it will be too difficult to figure out which insurer will offer them a better deal. Comparing auto insurance plans and rates doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming at all. Simply select your home state from the quote form at the top of this web page. Within seconds, you can browse a list of quality car insurance providers that are eager to work with you!

What’s the Best and Cheapest Car Insurance in Your City?

It might be helpful to consider some average car insurance rates to help you predict your own rates. These are some figures from the Insurance Information Institute:

Of course, these figures are only averages. While all states require liability insurance, they all have slightly different rules about what needs to be included in required coverage. In addition, vehicle owners may decide to also buy collision and/or comprehensive coverage in order to satisfy their lender’s requirements or simply to enjoy more peace of mind. It’s impossible to use these average rates to figure out exactly what your own premium quotes might be.

Besides the fact that drivers may need to satisfy different requirements for insurance, some states simply have higher average car insurance premiums than others. The three states with the highest averages contain busy metro areas with lots of cars and a bigger risk of getting those cars damaged or stolen. People who live in more rural areas may enjoy lower average premiums.

How Do Car Insurance Companies Determine Premium Quotes?

Insurers base average rates in a particular city or town upon many factors. This might include the rate of thefts, the average cost of repairs, and the likelihood of various kinds of damages. Some states also have high average rates because they tend to suffer from major storms frequently or have a high rate of uninsured drivers. Unless you want to move to another city to reduce your premiums, this will be out of your control.

Of course, there are some things that you can control about your auto policy premiums. For example, your own rates may also depend upon such things as:

How to Get Cheaper Premiums With Car Insurance Discounts

You can’t just assume that so-called discount auto insurance companies will always offer you the best or cheapest car insurance for your needs. This is because some insurers may have a reputation for higher rates, but those insurance companies offer discounts that you might qualify for to reduce your premiums substantially.

For example, a few auto insurers actually reduce rates for drivers with hybrid cars. This isn’t because energy-efficient vehicles are necessarily safer than traditional vehicles. It’s because these companies have found that the type of people who take the socially responsible action of buying an eco-friendly car also tend to be more responsible drivers. The insurers have the statistics that prove this, and they hope to court these kinds of customers by offering discounts.

These are some other common discounts that insurers may offer:

Insurance companies also tend to offer lower premiums for certain kinds of cars. For example, mid-sized sedans and minivans tend to be some of the cheapest vehicles to insure. On the other end of the scale, high-end sports cars may get higher rates. If you are planning to buy a new car, you can always get insurance quotes before you decide which type and make of car to purchase.

Shop for the Best and Cheapest Car Insurance Online

At this point, you might think it’s too complicated and time consuming to try to sort out all of the details that matter for your own auto policy. We are here to help you find the best and cheapest car insurance with our simple and rapid car insurance quotes.

Simply choose your own state from the quote box to get started. Within moments, you’ll see a list of insurers. Click through any of these offers to obtain free rate quotes and more information about the best coverage for you cars!